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Belt Hangers

Replica Belt Wall Hangers allow you to hang your replica belt from a wall. Comes with screws and anchors for easy installation. Once fastened to the wall, the belt covers the hanger and all you see is the belt. 

The list below will tell you which belt works with each hanger in adult, deluxe, ultra deluxe and commemorative sizes.

Belt Hanger 1: Distance from the middle of one snap to the middle of the next is 2 inches

WWE Spinning Championship
WWE Intercontinental (Classic version and Current)
WWE World Heavyweight (Big Gold)
WWE Smoking Skull
WWE United States
WWE Divas
WWE Undisputed Version 1 (WWE Shop Version)
WWE Undisputed Version 2
WWE Classic Women's
WWE Classic Cruiserweight
WWE Cruiserweight 2017
NXT Womens and Tag Team
ROH World, Tag & TV (2014 FTC Versions, not on TV currently)
Andre 1987  

Belt Hanger 15: Distance from the middle of one snap to the middle of the next is 1 1/4 inches

Winged Eagle
Smackdown World Heavyweight Championship
Raw Universal Championship
NXT Tag Team
WWE United Kingdom Championship
ROH Classic World (Silver FTC Version)
ROH Tag Team (2020 FTC Version)

Most belts EXCEPT the first WWE Unified Tag Team Championship (with old scratch logo) 
and the NXT World

These belts will only fit the Universal Belt Hanger:
WCW World Heavyweight (Big Gold)
Current WWE Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Championships (with new logo)

Any WWE/WCW/ECW Kid Size Belt
ROH 2020 Figures Toy Company Belts: Women of Honor, Television, Six Man Tag
New Raw and Smackdown Women's Championships

NXT World Belt (Original Version)

First version only with old WWE scratch logo

Silver ECW 08 Belt 

WCW Tag Team Belt

WCW Cruiserweight, US and TV Belts

ECW Tag Team Belt
ROH Figures Toy Company World Heavyweight 2020 
NXT World and Women's 2017
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