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Best of American Dragon (Daniel Bryan) DVD Vol 1

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Item Number: DVDSHOOT608
You've waited and now it is finally released- the first Best Of compilation featuring American Dragon!!! He might only be 20-years-old, but this Shawn Michaels trainee is easily among the best in the world for his punishing, athletic style. He is the man that brought the sport back into professional wrestling. If you are a true wrestling fan, you need to witness American Dragon in action. This 4-hour tape shows he was a natural from his first match as it includes some rare, early footage.

1. American Dragon vs. Rudy Boy Gonzalez- debut match in Shawn Michaels' TWA

2. American Dragon vs. Spanky- first ever meeting

3. American Dragon vs. Shooter Schultz

4. American Dragon & Spanky vs. Rudy Boy Gonzalez & Bonecrusher

5. American Dragon vs. Ultimate Bad Guy

6. American Dragon vs. Lance Cade- Victoria, TX 5/12/00

7. American Dragon vs. D-Lo Brown- Del Rio, TX 5/27/00

8. American Dragon vs. Reckless Youth- 2001 Super 8 Semi-Final

9. American Dragon & Low Ki vs. Haas Brothers (ECWA Tag Title Match)

10. American Dragon vs. Low Ki (Ricky Steamboat Guest Ref)

11. American Dragon vs. Chad Collyer- APW 5/11/02

12. American Dragon s. Supreme Lee Great- 6/15/02
13. American Dragon vs. Dave Greco- 6/15/02

14. American Dragon vs. Scoot Andrews- 6/15/02

15. American Dragon vs. Robert Thompson- APW 5/11/02

16. American Dragon vs. Reckless Youth- 6/15/02 (JCW J-Cup 2002 Finals)

17. American Dragon vs. Low Ki vs. Homicide- 4/5/02
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