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ECW Hardcore TV 367-370 DVD

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Price: $10.00
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Item Number: ECWDVD266

1. Rhino puts Scott Anton thru a table and RVD comes in

2. Little Guido + Big Sal vs Doring + Road Kill Baldies come in

3. Paul Heyman interview

4. Kid Cash vs Super Crazy

5. Chetti + Nova vs CW Anderson + Wiles

6. Paul Heyman/Raven/New Jack/Rhino interviews

7. Tanaka vs Too Cold Scorpio

8. Corino vs Dusty clips

9. clips of Rhino vs Sandman

10. Little Guido vs Kid Cash vs Super Crazy

11. Clips of Tajiri loosing TV belt to Rhino

12. Jazz and Dawn Marie cat fight

13. clips of Dreamer vs Tazz

14. Raven + Dreamer hug and Justin runs in and challenges Dreamer and Dreamer loses title to Justin Francine turns heel on Dreamer

15. Diamond vs Dreamer

16. Mikey + Minister promo///Justin + Francine Promo

17. Lance Storm vs Kid Cash

18. clips of Anton vs Lynn

19. Mikey vs Justin Credible

20. Sandman/Lynn/RVD/Justin/Rhino promos
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